Friday, June 14, 2013


   What a great grand finale!

Joytime wants to thank everyone who helped make it possible and participated in all aspects in our fun day!

Hope all who can will join us in the Lake Forest parade(August 7th) wearing a Diamond Jubilee T-shirt.

T-shirts will be available all summer!
Call Ms.Kathleen at 847-234-1969

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Parents,

    As our final year winds into Spring-we are getting ready to celebrate our Jubilee June 8th alumni party.Our annual "Art Show"will be exclusive class by class on your childs last day of school.Parents are invited to join us for the last 45 minutes of their childs class.

   T-Th a.m. Will be May 28th at 11 a.m.

    M/W/F a.m. Will be May 29th at 11 a.m.

    M-Th p.m. Will be May 30th at 2:45 p.m.
        (Graduation also will be held)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Parents,
     It's always hard to say good-bye to all "our" children at the end of the year;but this year is extremely hard,being our last year and last newsletter.We have had a wonderful year and look forward to our final weeks with joy and enthusiasm(and hopefully sunshine)!

   We started the month discovering who pops out of eggs besides chickens.We enjoyed hunting for hidden eggs (inside).And lots of artwork.

   Our journey took us to the oceans and seas that surround our globe and the creatures that live below them.We even contemplated what it would be like to live under the sea.

   We then ventured into space-discovering our place in the solar system in the vastness of outer space.We became astronauts blasting to far away planets or pilots flying near space.

   We honored Mother Earth with the three "R"s(recycle,reuse& reduce) and can crushing.We talked about how we could take care of the Earth and took the Earth Pledge in honor of Earth Day.

  We ended the month with a dinosaur roar!We discussed how many types of dinosaurs roamed the earth long before people;enduring an unsettled world including volcanoes which we are still enduring today.We experimented with our own volcano and the 5 year olds even ate a volcano!

April29-May3     Dinosaurs

May 6-10.....Mothers,Fathers & Families

May 13-17.....Rainbows

May 20-24.....Healthy Bodies

May 27-30.....Last week celebrations


May 21.....Library visit for the M/T/W/Th class.

May 27.....NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day

May 28.....Last day of school for the T/Th class

May 29.....Last day of school for the M/W/F class

May 30....Last day for the M/T/W/Th class

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear parents,
  March according to our school calendar,had more "lamb" than "lion" days which was nice,even if they weren't all that warm!

  We observed weather closely as we considered rain,sun,fog,clouds,snow and we learned the sun is "always up there",no matter what the weather is like.That's hard to believe some times.We also explored some "crazy" weather possibilities,as classes painted with "mud" or discovering "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" and "oobleck".

 Green week celebrated green,of course,with food and discovering that blue and yellow makes green.Green week also coincided with "welcome to spring" as we say goodbye to winter and look for signs of spring during our neighborhood walks and on the bike trail.

  We also are watching the ongoing process of "evaporation" and the continuous circle of the water wheel,plus catching rain water to measure the inches that had rained.

  Traffic congestion on Maywood Road has increased.We think Joytimer's dropoff/pickup would be facilitated if drivers for Joytime would pull up at least to the street light.We can see you and send the children acroos the lawn.Having your child enter your car on the CURB SIDE helps promote safety habits.The other alterative is to pull into the park driveway,get out and walk over to meet your child.Reminder:PLEAS DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY NEXT TO JOYTIMES DRIVEWAY!Thanks.


April1st-5th.....Who popped out?


May 27th......NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day
May 28th.....Last day of school for the T/Th a.m. class
May 29th.....Last day of school for the M/W/F a.m. class
May 29th.....Last day graduation picnic for the M/T/W/Th p.m. class


1.March words:Spring,oobleck,vortex,evaporation,shamrock,leprechaun,lion,lamb.

2.We may continue to need boots in April,depending on the weather.Also clothing suitable to the temperature is desirable.

REMINDER:Diamond Jubilee Alumni Party June 8th 11-5 p.m.

Do you remember-
merry-go-round rides
tubing and big wheels on Joytime Mountain
Summer in Winter day
Popcorn Man!
Rainbow cookies
and on and on and on!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joytime is open today March 5th!
Dear Parents,

  During February we celebrated friendship and encouraged lots of "friendly" activities.Our children seem to be on their way to understand what being a friend means,caring ,sharing,cooperation and respect.We feel that helping relationships and feelings grow is one of the most important things we do at Joytime.We try to be "children of peace" and to follow Rule #1:Never hurt anyone on the outside and never hurt anyone on the inside,an ongoing goal throughout the year.We enjoyed making lots of kinds of valentines and had fun being a "mail carrier" on Valentine's Day.

  The letter "P" helped us celebrate Presidents,as we discussed what a president does,how Washington and Lincoln lived and traveled,including discovering that Lincoln was born in "Hodgenville",Kentucky!Purple,with purple clothes,purple food and art work.And how red and blue mixed together makes purple.Pajama Day was wonderful spending the day in our P.J.'s on our giant bed,including snacks of pancakes & pizza.The M/W/F a.m. and M/T/W/Th p.m. classes also enjoyed a visit from a staff member of the Lake Forest Library who read and told bedtime stories.

  We finished the month with alphabet and number recognition(via games,puzzles,songs) art work and even alphabet and number counting snakes.


1.March 4-8.....Real weather

2.March 11-15.....Crazy weather

3.March 18-22.....Welcome to Spring/Green

March 23-April1.....NO SCHOOL:Spring Break School resumes on April 1st.

MAY 27.....NO SCHOOL:Memorial Day

May 28.....Last day of school for the T/Th a.m. class

May 29.....Last day of school for the M/W/F/a.m. class

May 29.....Last day graduation picnic for the M/T/W/Th p.m. class

June 8.....Diamond Jubilee Open House (more info later) 

1.February words:Valentines,friends,presidents,alphabet,numbers,dissolve,sink,float and peace.

2.The M/T/W/Th class will continue to recognize their own telephone number and address during March.You can help by working with your child also.Many children know their phone number now.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Change of home number for Alex Andrasz

M-Th p.m. class (Elana/Albert) 224-636-7210